Ludum Dare

game, jam

Out of Bounds - Ludum Dare 31 (December 2014)

Remember old NES games where everything outside the screen didn't exist? Here's the same deal: you leave the screen - you die. Not so easy with lots of enemies trying to hit you off the ledge. Have fun!

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Weapon of choice - Ludum Dare 32 (April 2015)

In this adventure game you play as Detective Stuart, who is PhD in Psychology. This helps him to use words as his primary weapon against enemies.

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No Harm Monster - Ludum Dare 33 (August 2015)

You play as a monster who decided to go to the shop to buy some bread. Try to get to the shop and return back with as little destruction as possible. If you kill someone, you raise your danger level and people will try to kill you.

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Development tools: Haxe programming language, Haxeflixel framework